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Thank you for considering restore chiropractic. Our office is conveniently located in Southeast Las Vegas. At restore chiropractic our experienced and passionate team provides chiropractic services through an individualized treatment approach that aims to alleviate existing pain and improves your quality of life.

Services We Provide


Hands-on adjusting – finding dysfunctional joints throughout the body and resetting/correcting them.


Helps restore proper tension in the muscular system using Myofascial Release Technique (MRT).


Improve posture and helps fix muscle imbalances. Includes ergonomic assessments and recommendations.


Traction/decompression of the neck and low back are used for compression injuries and disc bulges.


Decreases muscle tension and increases blood flow to the tissues especially in cases of numbness.


Comprehensive and personalized motor vehicle injury care to help you achieve optimum health.

Meet Dr. Raymond Weich

Dr. Weich is passionate about providing care to patients of all ages. He is highly trained, certified, and experienced in a wide variety of techniques to provide patients with the best possible care. By using a broad array of methods, he will help you and your family to be healthy and live life to the fullest.

Restore Your Health

At Restore Chiropractic, we strive to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for patients to foster healing, provide quality services and ensure clients reach their optimal wellness.

We make sure every patient is returned to a pain-free and healthy life as efficiently as possible by going beyond conventional chiropractic treatments.

Our Unique Approach

We begin with a thorough diagnosis using the most advanced technology and up-to-date methods, including an in-depth history, posture evaluation, full spine scan, and X-ray walkthrough.

This emphasis allows treatment to focus on root causes and target specific problem areas. Each unique treatment plan is customized to help every individual patient function at the optimal level.

Insurance Accepted

We are only accepting vehicle insurance at this time, as well as cash, check, or credit card and payment plans.

Our experienced office staff are trained and experienced in navigating insurance processes for our community. We make it comfortable and easy to ensure you receive the treatment you need.

What Our Patients Are Saying

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You are the best chiropractor I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of different chiropractors, your analysis is different, you take the time to figure out exactly what’s wrong, I’m going to start seeing you now.
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Dr. Weich is great! Seems to care a lot about his patients. Felt instant relief after just 1 adjustment. Would recommend him to anybody.
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I can’t wait to come in for my appointments as I know I will have so much relief from my chronic pain.
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I had fibromyalgia for my whole life and was in a very bad car accident and Dr. Weich was able to get me better and show me exercises to stay better. I am forever grateful.
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After the first neck adjustment I opened the door to go outside and I was seeing better and the colors were brighter outside.
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You make me feel like a young old woman again.

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Kristi JoslinKristi Joslin
01:39 10 Feb 23
I love coming to Dr. Ray!I’ve been to so many different chiropractors and he’s the only one that’s actually done anything to help me. Which I’m so grateful for!He’s very knowledgeable and kind. My body has always been really sensitive when it comes to getting any sort of chiropractic treatments and Dr. Ray is always so patient with me and does everything he can to help! Would definitely recommend Restore Chiropractic!
Crème Lifestyle LLCCrème Lifestyle LLC
04:55 29 Jan 23
It was very impressive to find a chiropractor to personalize my adjustments.From the point of entry of his office, the technology that Dr. Weich used, and his X-Ray followed by an adjustment helped me feel relief and understand what I truly needed work on.I came in with tension in my shoulders and lower back and have not felt the chronic pain I’ve been dealing with for weeks. I finally understand how to manage and mitigate issues that come with my scoliosis and pelvic tilt.Thank you Dr. Weich! My family and I look forward to seeing you again very soon. I give him Five Stars!! *****
Erin MErin M
22:18 26 Jan 23
Dr. Weich is an incredible chiropractor and he takes pride in what he does best. I am a disabled veteran who deals with skeletal and muscular pain everyday and I felt a major improvement after my first visit. I have seen many different chiropractors and no one has treated me the way he does. He does not just adjust the whole body like many other chiropractors, instead he actually takes his time to evaluate you, sits down with you to review your x-rays and educate you on the findings, find the actual source of your issues, and only adjusts what needs to be adjusted.He also offers X-rays in house, so you could do them at your appointment with him and it only takes a few mins. He is very sympathetic, and makes you feel comfortable and cared for, which is something that is very rare in today’s healthcare system. He also implements at home exercises that can aid in your issues. I absolutely recommend him for anyone who needs chiropractic care or a simple adjustment from a amazing chiropractor.
Joyce SlusherJoyce Slusher
05:56 20 Dec 22
Dr. Ray Weich is an amazing chiropractor! I’ve been to numerous chiropractors and discontinued treatment when I didn’t get much improvement, but with Dr. Ray, the pain in my lumbar spine and hips has improved dramatically. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and can really pinpoint the areas that need adjusting. In the few months I have been seeing him I feel so much better! I’m very happy he was recommended to me.
Ria SantosRia Santos
05:01 23 Nov 22
I’ve been putting my body through a lot lately- between traveling, photo shoots, strength training, hiking, snowboarding to riding my motorcycle… I can’t deny that I’ve been feeling the wear and tear.. Or maybe I’m getting older? Lol Although I do believe in listening to my body and resting when needed- I don’t think it’s normal to constantly be sitting out due to pain/injuries. I’ve been a tomboy/athlete my whole life and I’ve always taken risks and pushed my limits. I’ve had my fair share of injuries- but never really struggled with recovery as I have recently.. I’ll literally pick up a medium heavy package off the floor or I’ll work out and do dead lifts and I’ll feel like I blew my back out for the next few days. Some days I barely even do anything other than sit at a table working on my computer and the next day I’ll feel burning sore pain around my shoulders and lower back.I used to blame my back pain on activities but lately I’ve just been having a hard time accepting that this is normal. I started becoming concerned and decided to do something about it.I heard about Ray through mutual friends that went to him so I decided to make an appointment. He was very kind, patient, and took his time to examine, assess and explain things to me throughout the process. He was very thorough and I felt immediate relief after our first session. We set some goals and and set up a plan to realign my spine. He gave me some workouts and exercises I can do in between our sessions.I’m glad I’m being proactive and finally doing something about my back pain & issues. I couldn’t have picked a better chiropractor to guide me through this journey. If you’re looking for a solid chiropractor in Vegas, check out Dr. Weich!

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