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If you were the victim of a car accident near Las Vegas, Nevada, don’t allow pain to slow you down. At Restore Chiropractic, we specialize in comprehensive and personalized motor vehicle injury care to help you achieve optimum health and live a pain-free life. We will help you relieve pain, feel better, and get you paid for your pain and suffering.

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Motor Vehicles Injuries:

  • If you’ve been a victim of a personal injury accident, the top priority should be to seek chiropractic care for our high-quality, specialized motor vehicle accident treatment.

Chiropractors are the most sought-out practitioners by accident victims:

  • Restore Chiropractic offers every type of treatment an accident victim may require, including chiropractic, physiotherapy, decompression, taping, e-stim, traction, stretching, and many others. We also coordinate diagnostic imaging and medical or legal referrals whenever necessary.

Treatment Costs are Covered:

Treatment for injuries will be covered by the at-fault party’s automobile medical payment insurance policy. To save you from fighting with the insurance company to get paid, we will set you up with a top-notch lawyer that best fits your case. Even if you are at fault, most auto insurance companies have “Medical Payments” (AKA MedPay) that cover your care with no co-pay or deductible.

The average person gets in approximately four accidents throughout life, so it is essential to have a go-to chiropractor for treatment specializing in these cases. In many car accidents, you may not feel pain right after as adrenaline is running through your body, but usually, in the days after, you will feel the pain, with the 3rd or 4th day typically being the worst. With whiplash, no matter how small the impact is, it will almost always cause a misalignment in the spine.

Get Treatment Right Away

It is critical to get chiropractic treatment the day of or as soon as possible because we do not want your body getting used to the new misaligned position. The longer you wait to come in, the harder it can be to fix the issues. Sometimes auto accident victims may not feel pain for days, weeks, or even months, only to experience discomfort seemingly out of nowhere. This is because a misaligned spine will gradually exert force on the ligaments, discs, nerves, and muscles, causing compensations up and down the spine until the body runs out of options. Then the body will start to emit pain signals. This is why it is vital to address the problem immediately and correct it or at least get examined to see if you may have this issue.

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Minor accidents can be worse.

Minor, low-speed car accidents or “fender benders” can be worse for your body than more significant accidents in which the car is totaled. This is due to the “crush” factor. At high speed, the front or rear of the vehicle will be crushed, absorbing most of the impact. At a low speed, the car will not absorb the impact; instead, the bulk of the force goes through the body. This force can be enough to damage the delicate ligamentous structures of the head, neck, and spine. These spinal ligaments will be overstretched, most often leading to instability. Typically these more minor accidents have a delayed onset of symptoms, with many patients not feeling pain until two weeks later.

Common Questions:

Do I have to pay for treatment?
No, the treatment goes under a lien, meaning the at-fault party’s insurance will pay for treatment. Even if the car accident case gets dropped or the patient isn’t paid out, we never hold the patient reliable for the treatment bills.

Do the adjustments hurt after a car accident?
No, the adjustments do not hurt as we have multiple different tools to use where you’ll hardly feel the adjustments at all in the beginning.

Do I have to have a lawyer for car accident treatment?
No, but it is recommended you get a lawyer so we can treat you under a lien, and you wouldn’t have to pay upfront. This way, you can focus on your care, and the lawyer can focus on dealing with the insurance companies and getting you paid for your pain and suffering. We always encourage coming into the office first, and then we can set you up with the best lawyer, depending on your case.

Do I have to be adjusted every time I come in?
No, we have multiple different ways of doing things, such as tonal techniques, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and others.

If I was in a car accident as a passenger, but my driver was at fault, can I still get treatment?
Yes, you actually have full coverage just the same as if the driver weren’t at fault.

Do kids need treatment from a car accident?
Yes, kids or even babies can get injured from a car accident and get a misaligned spine, so it is important to have them examined after an accident, whether they can tell you they are in pain or not. Kids often heal very quickly and may only need a few visits to get back on track.

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